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6 Tips For Making A Claim When Your Flight Is Canceled


Planning a trip can be really exciting, but that excitement can quickly turn into a headache when your flight is canceled. If your flight is canceled and you need to file a claim, it is crucial that you know your rights and the best ways to expedite your claim. Otherwise, you could be left in a bad situation. Below, we at share with you some really useful tips that you need to know just in case you ever find yourself under such circumstances.

1. Know When You Are Entitled To Compensation

Airlines will generally compensate you for your inconvenience when your flight is canceled on short notice. Be aware that the airline is not legally obligated to compensate you if the cancellation occurred because of reasons beyond the control of the airline. This could include extreme weather, a strike, natural disaster, etc. Beyond these circumstances, you should expect an alternative method of travel or a full refund, based on the airline where your flight was booked.

2. Be Aware You Are Entitled To Cash Compensation

Many times, the airline will offer compensation if your flight is canceled, but it’s usually in the form of airline credit. Depending on your situation, that may or may not be satisfactory. The U.S. Department of Transportation increased airline regulations in 2011 and since then, if you are not able to board a flight for which you had a ticket because the airline was overbooked, the airline must compensate you in cash. The trick is that the airline is not required to inform you of this, so you’ll need to insist on cash compensation if credit or vouchers just won’t cut it for you.

3. Never Sign Anything

One of the most common mistakes many travelers make is signing something too early. Doing so could actually result in your signing away your right to cash compensation. While the airline is legally obligated to seat you on a flight if your flight is canceled, they do not have to pay compensation if you sign away your rights.

4. Contact Customer Service

If you are experiencing trouble with the customer service team at the airport, do not hesitate to contact the airline’s customer service team on your phone while you are at the terminal. If you wait, it will be much more difficult to file a claim later.

5. Get Social

Getting on social media and tweeting or posting about your experience can also deliver surprising results very quickly. Airlines want to avoid bad press whenever possible, so this can be an incredibly effective method to get the ball rolling.

Make sure you use the airline’s correct social media handle and relevant trending hash tags to ensure you get the most attention possible from utilizing this method.

6. Get Outside Help

If you are finding it difficult to file a claim on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help from outside resources, such as Get Airhelp, which can actually file the claim on your behalf. This can be a good option if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle or don’t have the means or time to handle it on your own.