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Now’s Your Chance To Save 50% On Spotify Premium Membership


Music lovers are really going to like the sound of the latest offer from Capital One. The card is offering a discount of 50% on Spotify subscriptions from now until the end of April 2018. You could enjoy hour after hour of your favorite music at a huge discount just by using your eligible Capital One credit card. Find out what you need to know about this exciting duet from Capital One and Spotify below.

How To Get Your Discounted Spotify Subscription?

Cardholders will get 50% back when they use their Capital One cards to purchase Premium membership from Spotify. Both student memberships and family memberships will qualify for this promotion. The refund will be given to cardholders in the form of a credit statement. It typically takes one to two billing cycles for the credit to appear.

Your account must open and in good standing for the credit to be received. You must use either the Capital One® Quicksilver® Rewards Credit Card or Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card when you enroll with Spotify if you want to get the discount. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you’ll need to follow to get in on this promotion:

  • Subscribe to Spotify Premium
  • Pay with your Capital One card
  • Get 50% back

What Are the Perks Of Spotify Premium?

Signing up for Spotify Premium is a great idea if you’re looking for access to one of the largest collections of music in the world without commercials. Members can enjoy on-demand songs on their desktop computers or mobile devices from anywhere. The perks that go along with Premium membership include:

  • Zero ads
  • Downloadable music
  • Play any song you like
  • Unlimited skips

Is This Offer Open To Members Who Already Have Spotify Premium?

Spotify is actually opening up this promotion to both new and existing Premium members. You simply need to make sure that you’re using your qualifying Capital One card to pay for your monthly subscription. It’s okay if you’ve been using a different credit card up until now. You can change your payment method on your Spotify account at any time.

Enjoy Free Spotify This Summer

Capital One and Spotify aren’t done bringing great music to your life. All Capital One cardholders are eligible to enjoy three free months of Spotify Premium. This offer extends from now until June 15.

You don’t have to worry about losing your chance to enjoy a discount of 50% off of your subscription price if you take advantage of the free trial. You will be automatically enrolled with Spotify once those three free months are over.

The exciting thing is that you’ll also be automatically enrolled in the promotion to receive 50% off of your subscription rate as long as you use your qualifying credit card when you sign up for the trial. This particular promotion is only currently open to first-time Spotify Premium members located in the United States.