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‘Vodafone said I could return my phone – but then it wouldn’t refund me’


Ibought a pay-as-you-go phone online from Vodafone for £20 with a £10 bundle. At that time Vodafone’s Christmas returns policy applied. This allowed me to return the phone for any reason, even if was just unwanted, until mid-January 2017.

I called Vodafone to return the phone and it said it would send a returns envelope, but failed to do so.

I called again and the device was collected. The promised full refund, though, still has not come. Could you look into this on my behalf please?

Although Vodafone said it had received the phone back, it came up with different excuses on separate occasions as to why no refund had been processed.

One was that it did not have evidence that you had paid for the phone. It asked you to come into the store and show your bank statement.

It was a while before you were able to do so. When you did, the assistant said they would call customer services. Then you were told again that the refund was being arranged.

A compensation payment of £50 was also promised. Both were supposed to come in the next couple of days but did not appear. So you wrote to Vodafone threatening to contact me. That made no difference.

Only when I spoke to Vodafone did it refund you the £30 and pay £70 as an increased goodwill gesture. It apologised for the inconvenience.

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