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Do You Tip on Carry Out?


For the second time in a row, I accidentally tipped on carry out.

The first time was two months ago when I originally meant to ask you guys about this (oops), and the second time happened over the weekend. Both at the same spot, and both times by habit because I saw that damn tip line on the receipt!

(I swear companies put this there on purpose btw, regardless if they serve anything – have you seen that? Where you’re like “Why the F do you have a tip line here when you sell socks and candles??”)

Now many of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know I have an automatic 20% Tipping Rule no matter the service (to save me both time and mental energy), but it looks like my own set of rules is starting to backfire a little. They’re so engrained that I go to add a tip at the mere sight of a tip line! No bueno! And although I did think about going back and saying I made a boo-boo and asking if they can correct it, I smartly passed so I could show my face there again ?

Here’s my whole list of tipping rules around food btw:

  • Restaurant take out –> 0%
  • Restaurant delivery –> 20%
  • Restaurant eat in –> 20%
  • Beers at a bar –> $1 per beer (or $10 when I’m an idiot)
  • Beers/drinks at a wedding –> $1 per drink (while they’re technically free, I find throwing in a few bucks throughout the night makes for a much more pleasant experience, as well as better made drinks and special attention. Like when they close up and you’re still quite thirsty :))
  • 25¢ lemonade stands — $1.00 per cup (boy do those kids’ eyes light up!)

I feel like I’m a fairly decent tipper all in all, but whenever it comes to take out I just can never be fully convinced. I get that they had to prepare it and put it in the boxes and make sure it all comes out within a relatively reasonable time, etc, but it still doesn’t seem like I should pay extra without the service part. Which is the whole point of a tip, yeah? Going back to my socks and candles reference (because who doesn’t buy those at the same store? ;)) you’re there to pick up something for sale and then you’re off on your merry way. We don’t tip the cashiers to bag them up for us do we?

Anyways, there are worse problems in the world, but thought I’d run this by y’all as it’s very possible I’m missing something here. Plu the “tipping” debate is our version of politics or religion for non-money nerds ? Only we actually care to hear the reasoning in case it improves our ways! When was the last time someone you know asked to be convinced to switch parties or faiths? Haha… Especially on Facebook? The worst place to battle!

So what say you out there? Do you tip on take out? And if so, do you add the same amount as if you were dining in or a different one?

I’ve thought about tipping just a dollar or two out of courtesy, but I always feel like it would be more insulting than anything so I never do… Instead, I apparently just tip 20% even when I don’t want to ?