If you’ve recently sorted and decluttered your home, you likely have a few (or more) piles of items to get rid of. Before setting up a neighborhood garage sale, it’s worth considering what you could bring in by selling those old collections online with the eBay app.

While eBay is not new to the online scene, it’s now easier than ever to use: with the eBay app, you can quickly list what you want to sell and then track the sales process.

The eBay app has had more than 282 million downloads worldwide, according to the eBay site.

Check out our in-depth eBay app review below:

How it works

The eBay app is free to download and works with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Once you’ve installed it, you can begin listing items to sell. You can put up to 50 goods for free on eBay each month. You’ll only pay a fee when your belongings sell.

Start by selecting the sell category tab, and then listing the name of what you’re selling. If your item has a bar code, you can scan it and eBay will automatically put in the corresponding details and pictures for you.

If there isn’t a barcode, you can take your own pictures and add them along with a description. To set a price, you can opt to sell your piece as an auction or sell it at a fixed price.

Finally, you’ll need to decide how you’ll handle shipping and packaging. If you need help, eBay can give you a packaging suggestion and estimated shipping price based on other items like yours that have sold.

Key pros

By having an app at your fingertips, you can load up things to sell while you’re on the go. This can make it easy if you’re sorting through piles in your attic or garage.

Another perk is that the eBay app syncs to your account, so you can save your listing and finish it later from another device or computer.

Finally, the app helps transport you to a vast marketplace. According to eBay, you can easily get your stuff in front of more than 100 million buyers with the push of a button.


While using an app can help make listing items to sell on eBay a fast, painless process, it also poses a risk of poor quality.

If the photos you snap on your phone don’t properly portray what you’re trying to sell, it could be more difficult to gather a good price. You might have a better chance of a solid sale if you take pictures with a camera, or finish cropping and editing them on your computer so buyers can get an in-depth look before making a purchase or bid.

How to sell on eBay

Whether you’re using the app or entering items via your computer, follow these guidelines to create a successful eBay selling experience.

1. Know what you want to sell.

Chances are, you have something a buyer wants — even if it’s just the parts of an old computer. Clothing, shoes and accessories came in as the category most often listed by eBay’s top 1,000 sellers, according to an eBay top seller reportreleased in June 2015. Home and garden, and phones and accessories were the second and third most listed categories, respectively.

You can also scan eBay’s ”What’s Selling Hot” page to look at top items in different categories.

2. Time it right.

If you set up an auction, make it last long enough to draw in bidders, such as for several days or one week.

Also, set the end time at a busy period, such as Sunday evening, rather than a time when fewer visitors may see and bid last-minute for your item, like 4 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.

3. Show the true condition.

In addition to taking a few shots of your items, include good lighting and make it easy to see any blemishes or defects.

If the picture frame you’re selling has a small blemish on it, take a picture to show the mark. Use a ruler in the photo so buyers can easily understand the size of the damage.

4. Set a good price. 

To gather a starting point, consider looking at the prices other sellers set for similar items.

You can also have eBay make suggestions based on past sales data for a starting price or set amount for buyers to buy.

Consider researching online as well to know what to expect. If you’re selling a used camera, check what a new camera of the same model is selling for.

5. Build up your reputation.

Rather than initially listing a necklace you believe is worth $400, begin with less expensive items.

If you sell a series of low-priced goods, you’ll be able to build up positive feedback. By gaining good reviews, you’ll boost your rating as a seller.

This in turn will draw in customers, and make them more willing to place an offer on higher-ticket items in the future.

6. Consider a bundle.

If you have a large collection of items, try listing them together and selling them in a bundle.

This works especially well for children’s clothes, doll accessories, toy figurines, or other items that are relatively inexpensive if sold individually. You’ll likely get a better price for the collection, and you’ll also get the pieces out of your home – making it a win-win all around.